Preparing Your Will


WillWise gets you from knowing that you need a will, to getting it done and in your hands.

WillWise guides you through the decision making process and helps ensure that your wishes are carried out with as little burden on your loved ones as possible.


Creating a Will with WillWise


WillWise ensures the people you care about are looked after.


We help ensure that your wishes will be carried out. A properly drafted will decreases the likelihood of disagreements and helps avoid costly disputes. An improperly drafted will may overlook key aspects or even not conform with Alberta law, which changes from time to time. In addition to providing in-person guidance, we look for ways to maximize the value that your beneficiaries receive.

We want you to feel comfortable throughout the process. We meet in the strictest of confidence and guide you through an inventory of major assets, potential liabilities and key considerations. We then use this information to inform a discussion of your wishes and answer any questions you might have. 


WillWise Simple Wills Package


Ideal for Individuals and Couples


Simple Wills Package: Each individual receives a will tailored to their needs and wishes. Packages also include an Enduring Power of Attorney and Personal Directive for each individual.

In-person consultation: An experienced and caring wills and estates lawyer guide you through the process and help you make informed decisions in making your will. 

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What is a Will?


A will is a legal document that sets out your wishes regarding your property after pass away. Wills also appoint your executor, the person responsible for carrying out the instructions in your will, and provide for guardianship of children who are minors. 


Included with Your Wills Package


Enduring Power of Attorney


An Enduring Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to pre-appoint someone you to make financial decisions during your lifetime in the event you become unable to do so. It ensures that someone you trust can assist you in a timely manner. Without this document, appointing someone as your attorney to do so can be time-consuming and costly.  


Personal Directive


Similar to Enduring Power of Attorney, a Personal Directive allows you to pre-appoint someone to make personal decisions should you become unable to during your lifetime. This can be the same person appointed under your Enduring Power of Attorney or can be a different person.


We can handle a full-range of will requirements for individuals, couples, families, and complex estates.


Complex Wills

Do you have a specific family situations, joint/multiple citizenships, assets in multiple jurisdictions or other factors?