Why Our Wills Work


A common issue with DIY wills is that they are not signed properly, meaning that they may not be valid.

Even with a "do-it-yourself" will, often times the complex legal issues aren’t properly addressed, and not only can this cause problems, but may incur significant costs to your estate and your beneficiaries.


How is WillWise different?



We take the time to meet with you, to understand your circumstances, and your priorities and wishes. We look at possible complexities, such as family dynamics, and inform you of the legal implications of your wishes and how to ensure they are achieved.


Prepared Wills


An improperly prepared will can not only have financial implications, but it can also negatively impact your loved ones. A professionally prepared will considers the value of your relationships and the future impact of your will on those relationships.


The WillWise Experience


What can you expect?


We have streamlined the will preparation process. We want you to feel comfortable. We meet in the strictest confidence. We guide you through the decision making process and help you construct a document.


What is the first meeting like?


We meet with you at one of the WillWise office locations. We explain the complete process, and go through an inventory of major assets, liabilities, family situation, disabilities, and key considerations. 


What will you get from the first meeting?


In your first meeting, you’ll understand the strategy for your will, the costs involved, timelines and completion. Call to schedule an appointment.


Included with Your Wills Package


Enduring Power of Attorney


Enduring Power of Attorney is a document that allows you to pre-appoint someone to make financial decisions during your lifetime in the event you become unable to do so (ie. incapacitated permanently or temporarily). Without this document, getting someone appointed to do so can be time-consuming and costly.  It can also impact the ability to carry out decisions in a timely-manner. 


Personal Directive


Similar to Enduring Power of Attorney, Personal Directives are a separate document that allows you to pre-appoint someone who during your lifetime can make decisions relating to healthcare and personal decision making should you become unable to do on your own accord. This can be the same person appointed under your Enduring Power of Attorney or can be a different person.